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Travel insurance
Insurance Company “TIT” LLC offers a reliable insurance cover for the whole period of your traveling abroad in any place of the world during 24 hours. We provide guaranteed medical assistance.

We offer the following medical insurance programs:

  • Insurance of tourist’s medical expenses in any part of the world;
  • Insurance of extreme sport types;
  • Insurance of tour operator’s liability
  • Insurance against the failure to go in tour travelling.

Advantages of Insurance Company “TIT”LLC in medical insurance of persons travelling abroad

  1. We offer discounts for your children of 3 to 17 year old.
  2. We offer discounts for students of day departments from 18 to 22 year old (subject to presenting a student card).
  3. We offer special discounts for groups of 10 and more persons and for corporative clients.
  4. We offer our clients endless reduced insurance when they buy insurance from 30 days to 5 years.

We will pay your expenses:

  • We will pay all your expenses connected with medical services incurred in sudden sickness or accident including transportation and calls to call-service to ask for assistance.
  • If you pay your expenses by yourself (within a sum insured) we do not restrict the amount of refund. All incurred expenses will be repaid in our office within 30 minutes.
  • We always pay your first visit to the physician before making out a diagnosis even if later on your case will turn out a chronic illness. We will pay expenses for treatment of an acute condition with a sum insured.
  • We will pay urgent dental health service (within $/EUR 200).


  • We cooperate with leading service companies such as Express Assist, All in One and others. These companies have a wide network of clinics, physicians and specialists and emergency service all over the world. That is why you will get assistance at your first call and at the shortest time in any point of the world.
  • Insurance Company “TIT” LLC is accredited in all consular offices and representatives of foreign states in Russia.

Apart of that:

  • In an insurance policy there is not any deductible, i.e. an uncovered part of loss (safe for amateur and professional types of sport).
  • We insure pregnant women at any pregnant period.
  • You may choose one of three levels of your services as per our insurance programs.
  • Corporative clients may use online free program to fill in insurance polices.
  • Test online version of the program one can find at: login - test, password - test123456.

Description of programs of traveler medical expenses insurance:

Program А:

Medical expenses:
  • Hospitalization, treatment in outpatient clinics or providing of specialized medical care in case of trauma (or disease);
  • 1st visit to the physician will be always repaid
  • urgent dental health service (within $/EUR 200)
Medical -transportation services:
  • services on carriage of the insured person to the nearest medical station;
  • services on posthumous repatriation;
  • services on the transportation of an insured person to the country of permanent residence, when his/her departure from the country of temporary stay was not made in due time because of an accident or disease.

Program B: (including program А)

Transportation services for family members:

  • Expenses for two-way transportation by economy class (from a country of permanent residing and back) per one relative of Insured person when period of hospitalization of the Insured person traveling alone is more than ten (10) calendar days.
  • Expenses for one-way transportation by economy class of children not being of full age being in the country of temporary residence if the children remained uncared because of an insurance event occurred with the Insured person. Insurer will arrange and pay accompaniment of children, if necessary.

Program С: (including А and B)

Storage and transportation of motor vehicles:
  • Motor vehicle evacuation expenses (up to Euro 1000) which was used by an Insured person to arrive in the country of temporary residence because of impossibility its further use by the Insured person after an insured event.
  • Expenses on temporary storage of a vehicle as from occurrence of an insurance event; expenses on transportation of a vehicle from the place of its temporary storage to the place of Insured person permanent place of residing.
Legal assistance (up to Euro 1000):
  • Expenses of an Insured person for legal assistance will be repaid by Insurer if its necessity is connected with an insurance event occurred when being in the country of temporary residence.

Insurance against impossibility to no make a tour

Insurance events:
  • Refusal to grant an entry visa or issue of an entry visa of later date that a scheduled departure date.
  • Death, sudden illness of the Insured person or a blood relative happened before the tour. Blood relatives hereunder are father, mother, children (including adoptees), as well as full blood brothers and sisters.
  • Death, sudden illness of the spouse of the Insured person or his/her nearest relative happened before a trip
  • Damage to Insured person's property (resulting from a fire, natural disaster, damage by running water, sewerage water or water from heating system
  • Damage to Insured person's property by a third party.
  • Insured person’s appearing on summons.
  • Insured person’s call up for enlisting or military training
  • Advance return of an Insured person from abroad due to illness or death of nearest relatives.
  • Delay in return of an Insured person from abroad after expiry of a trip period caused by an accident or illness of a spouse traveling with him/her.

We hope this information will be the beginning